Python Development

Python begins to feel like a big hammer and coding tasks look like nails

Definition of Python

PHP has gained huge popularity in the present times by being customizable yet easy to maintain web designing and development platform. Being an extremely favored server-side scripting language, PHP is being used for developing feature-rich websites having top-notch functionality. The creation of dynamic, interactive, reliable, secure and efficient web pages provides multifarious benefits. A well-designed and maintained website is the need of the hour. In order to develop websites that boost visibility and help achieve business goals, PHP is the first word that strikes the mind of a proficient web developer. The clean coding structure and compelling codes have made PHP the favored language for web applications that run successfully on the web.

Important Uses of Python

Python can be used to develop different applications like web applications, graphic user interface based applications, software development application, scientific and numeric applications, network programming, Games and 3D applications and other business applications. It makes an interactive interface and easy development of applications.

Python is also used because of its providing continuous support to several programming paradigms. Python has features, which also support various concepts of functional programming language. It is used for dynamic type system and automatic memory management. Python language features and programming paradigms allow you for developing the small as well as large applications.

Python has a large and robust standard library to use for developing the applications. It also makes the developers use Python over other languages. The standard library helps in using the different range of modules available for Python. As this module helps you in adding the functionality without writing any more code. To get the information about various modules, documentation on python standard library can be referred.

Python is mainly compatible with major platforms and systems because of which it is used mainly for developing applications. With help of python interpreters, python code can be run on specific platforms and tools as it supports many operating systems. As python is an interpreted high-level programming language and it allows you to run the code on multiple platforms.

Uses of Python also helps in accessing the database easily. Python helps in customizing the interfaces of different databases like MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and other databases. It has an object database like Durus and ZODB.

Python code is easy to read and maintained. It is easily reusable as well wherever it is required. Python’s having simple syntax, which allows the different concepts to develop without writing any additional code. The code should be of good quality and easy to maintain the source code and simplify the maintenance, which is required to develop the software application. It also emphasizes code readability, which is the great feature, unlike other programming languages.

It is used for developing the complex application like scientific and numeric application, and for both desktop and web applications. Python has features like analyzing data and visualization, which helps in creating custom solutions without putting extra effort and time. It helps you to visualize and present data in an effective way.

Python frameworks simplify and make the process faster for web application development and the frameworks are Django, Flask, pyramid etc. Python GUI frameworks are available for developing the GUI based application.