Laravel Development

PHP Programming Framework facilitates simple, clean and easy development approach to build custom web applications

Laravel Framework Definitions

As a PHP technology, Laravel is an open source platform. What makes Laravel apart is the expressive and elegant syntax that has been created and designed to ease and speed up the overall web development process. Laravel platform also has a vibrant developers’ community support and powerful features too.

Reason To choose Laravel

  • Security
  • East to get started
  • Emerging Quickly
  • Lengthy and complex programming become easy
  • Open Source Built-in project Environment Template engine
  • Community Support
  • Modular
  • MVC Architecture Support
  • Libraries and configuration

Advantages of Laravel

  • 1. Makes use of the newest features of PHP

    One of the features that set this framework apart from other frameworks is that it makes use of all the new features of PHP. Other frameworks don’t do that. Using Laravel 5 would take you directly into some of the newest features that PHP has on offer, especially in Namespaces, Interfaces, Overloading, Anonymous functions and Shorter array syntax.

    2. Great documentation

    It is the documentation of Laravel that makes it really developer-friendly. All the versions of Laravel are released with proper documentation , and you will find good and detailed explanations of coding style, methods and classes.

    3. Integration with mail services

    It is mandatory for web applications to keep their users informed of new deals and offers. New user registration is also important (i.e. notifying the new user when he/she registers). The framework is equipped with clean API over SwiftMailer library. And there are drivers for SMTP, Mailgun, SparkPost, Mandrill, PHP’s “mail” function, Amazon SES, and “sendmail” to help you send mails through cloud based or local services.

    4. Supports popular cache backends

    Laravel supports cache backends like Memcached and Redis out-of- the-box. You can also configure multiple cache configurations.

    5. Has built-in tool for command-line called Artisan

    Developers usually find it tedious to perform those repetitive programming tasks because they are heavily time-consuming. The command-line tool called Artisan, helps them create a skeleton code and manages the database system successfully. Artisan helps in generating the basic MVC files and managing assets, including their respective configurations.

    6. Packages and resource availability

    You can benefit from npm packages and bower packages by combining the framework with Gulp and elixir. This helps in resource and asset revisioning. This integration with composer will resolve dependencies and is hence, the most reliable source of package in the PHP world.

    7. Reduced product development cycle

    You can considerably reduce product development cycle because the integrations are faster, and there is a very huge community support, you have the support of Laracasts.

    8. IoC Container

    Also called Inversion of Control, it is a method for generating new objects and you don’t have to bootstrap any external libraries. In other words, you can access these objects from wherever you are coding, no longer would you have to deal with inflexible monolithic structures.

    9. Reverse Routing

    This is a very useful feature in the framework where you can create links to named routes. So when you create the links, just use the router’s name, and the framework will insert the correct URL automatically. And when you need to change the routes in future, the changes will be automatically be made everywhere.