Java Development

when Java is promoted as the sole programming language, its flaws and limitations become serious

  • Android Application
  • Software Application
  • Web Application

Java Development Definitions

Java is an open source and platform-independent programming language, which can be used for almost any situation thanks to its versatility. It is object-oriented like most web programming languages. This means that it focuses on concrete applications. Its vast number of web frameworks and libraries, which generally have comprehensive documentation, makes it easier to create even highly complex web projects. Programs written in Java are easy to expand upon, can be scaled as required and are easy to maintain, provided that the programmer who wrote them knew what they were doing. Reason to choose Java Development.

Where Java is Used

  1. Building Android apps

Although there are other ways to make Android apps, most of the applications are written in Java using Google’s Android API. Although Android uses difference JVM and packaging methods, the code is still predominantly Java.

2. Java web applications

Many government, healthcare, insurance, education, and defense departments have their web applications built in Java. A significant example of this is Google’s Gmail.

3. Software tools

Many useful software and development tools are written and developed in Java, e.g. Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans IDE.

Benefits of Choosing Java

  • Java is Platform Independent.
  • Java is Highly Secure.
  • Java has Rich set of APIs.
  • Java is Used in so many real world Applications.
  • Java has Excellent Ides and java tools to make you more productive.
  • Java Supports Multi-Threading.
  • Java is Scalable.
  • Java is and Object-Oriented Programming Language.
  • Java has an Amazing Community Support.